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Laser hair removal can yield long-term hair reduction on the face and body. Are you tired of the red bumps, ingrown hairs, nicks, and scratches that go hand in hand with shaving? Have you tried waxing but dread the painful procedure, especially on your most sensitive areas? A better alternative for safe, effective hair removal is here with our fast and easy laser hair removal procedures. Compared to other methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, and waxing; Icon laser hair removal is a very convenient and proven method for permanent hair reduction. With our leading laser hair removal treatment, you can have the smooth, touchable skin you’ve always wanted. Our treatment targets and destroys the hair cells responsible for hair growth without damaging the surrounding skin. The result is smooth, hair-free skin that lasts!
Permanent Hair removal for men in Vancouver

How Icon Laser Hair Removal Works

Our trained aestheticians use a specially designed handpiece that pulses laser energy to target and destroy the cells in your hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth, without harming the surrounding skin. It’s a fast and easy approach to permanent hair reduction that’s FDA-cleared.
Laser treatments use heat to reduce and even destroy the ability of hair to grow. A beam of light from a laser heats up hair follicles down to their root, impeding their ability to regrow as before. With the beam focusing on a smaller target area, each session with this laser delivers optimized attention to the unwanted hair, delivering the most effective treatment. Most patients notice a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions and eventually obtain smooth and hairfree skin.

Benefits of Icon Laser Hair Removal

Icon provides the versatility to treat a wide variety of hair types on individuals of all skin types including lighter and finer hair removal. Men and women alike are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! Icon laser hair removal provides a fast, comfortable hair removal treatment that can be used on small and large areas.
Most areas require 3-6 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle. Our doctor will make a personalized recommendation for you.
Ability treat large areas quickly and safely
Eliminates unwanted ingrown hairs
Virtually painless due to strong built in cooling
Impacts the root of the problem, rather than offering a temporary solution
Powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair
Safe for all skin types: even the darkest of skin referred to as skin type IV

Treatment isquick and simplewith unique precision.

Areas That Can Be Treated

This new system contains sophisticated monitoring technology with an automatic shut-off feature designed to specifically protect your skin from overheating. Icon can be safely used on even the most sensitive areas. Our laser hair removal can be used wherever you have unwanted hair.

Legs, Chest & Back

Due to the large treatment spot size, larger surfaces can be quickly and effectively treated in at least 6 to 8 treatments.

Facial Hair

Icon is a safe and convenient solution for addressing unwanted facial hair such as sideburns or chin hair.

Bikini Line & Underarms

Hair removal with Icon is permanent. It targets and destroys the hair follicles to keep the hair from growing back.

Other Areas

Icon can safely be used on most zones of the body with unwanted hair including: Upper lip, hairline, neck, arms, shoulders, abdomen, and more.

Icon Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Icon laser hair removal is a gentle and effective hair removal procedure that uses light and laser technology to yield long-term reduction of unwanted hair. Given the mild nature of the procedure, no local anaesthetic is typically required.
The Icon procedure uses a diode laser to combine high peak power and a large spot size energy beam. The energy from the beam penetrates both the root, and the follicle, to safely and effectively kill both, preventing future hair growth. After being exposed to the laser, the roots of your old hair will naturally be pushed out, killing all the unwanted hair follicles.
Laser hair removal can be as quick as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour, depending on the size of the treatment areas.
There is some mild discomfort during the procedure that most people find to be quite tolerable. The cooling mechanism in the laser therapy device means patients can remain comfortable with fewer breaks.
There may be minor redness after treatment which will go away within a few hours, or sooner. You can drive and resume normal activities immediately after the procedure, using sunscreen in any outdoor activities. Make-up can be applied immediately after a treatment.
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Before & After Laser hair Removal

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