Anti-Aging LPG Endermolift

Comprehensive Rejuvenation ForAll AgesAnd Skin Types

LPG Endermolift is an anti-aging fibroblast facial with a lymphatic massage. It’s like a painless, non-surgical facelift.

It effectively eliminates wrinkles, firms contours, refines and tones your skin. It reactivates the production of your skin’s supporting tissue – collagen, elastin (by 46%), and hyaluronic acid (by 80%) – for an immediate as well as lasting lifting effect.

LPG Endermolift delivers fast, visible anti-aging results. Your skin’s radiance will amplify with each session.

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How LPG Endermolift Works

LPG Endermolift is 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes.

As the true architects of skin, fibroblasts are responsible for creating the basic building blocks of the dermis, giving it density, softness, and radiance: collagen for firmness, elastin for suppleness, and hyaluronic acid for volume and hydration. Yet, as early as 25 years of age and despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle, the production of these rejuvenating substances slows.

The patented ERGOLIFT treatment head provides multidimensional stimulation on the skin’s surface for an intense physiological awakening. The stimulated fibroblasts work from within to produce a true metamorphosis of the skin.

Endermolift™ Innovation delivers one-of-a-kind results backed up by scientific study: + 80% natural hyaluronic acid (endogenous) + 46% natural elastin. 100% natural, anti-aging Endermolift™ replenishes the skin and attenuates the signs of aging, leaving your face looking radiant and rejuvenated.

Benefits of LPG Endermolift

Smoothes Wrinkles
  • Skin begins to sag and lose its density, creating wrinkles and furrows, mostly on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.
  • Other external factors, such as sun, stress, tobacco, or even pollution, can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.
Clarifies The Complexion
  • Stress, pollution, lack of sleep, and tobacco use are also factors that darken skin: venous and lymphatic microcirculation slows, and toxins build up.
  • Skin then loses its radiance and the complexion becomes dull.
Firms The Skin
  • The skin loses firmness and tonicity, the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) become deeper, and the eyelids become droopy.
  • The skin gradually distends, leading to a general sagging of the face.
Reduces The Double Chin
  • Double chin is hardly aesthetically pleasing, and it affects both men and women of all ages.
  • It distorts your facial features and makes your face heavier.
  • It is generally caused by the accumulation of fatty masses, but can also arise as a side effect of sagging skin, due to reduced synthesis of natural collagen and elastin fibers.

GetRadiant-Looking SkinYou Can See And Feel.

Concerns Treated by LPG Endermolift

LPG Endermolift is used to treat a variety of different concerns, including:

Re-plumps hollowed cheeks

  • Restores skin density for a natural plumping effect
  • Doubles the skin’s “self-hydration” capacity
  • Softens wrinkles and fine lines

Re-sculpts thickened skin

  • Activates the natural lipolysis process to refine skin
  • Eliminate toxins to reactivate your face’s radiance
  • Tightens skin pores

Firms a sagging jawline

  • Firms skin for a natural lifting effect
  • Softens skin for better protection
  • Stems natural collagen destruction

LPG Endermolift Procedure

LPG Endermolift works by delivering micro-beats to the skin. This natural, pain-free process stimulates your cells’ natural production of collagen and elastin. What you are left with is smoother, plumper, and younger looking skin, without the use of surgery, injections, chemicals, or electrical currents.
Sessions usually last around 30 minutes. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the patient’s desired results.
The treatment is painless as it is non-invasive and non-surgical.
Patients with sensitive skin may experience minor bruising after the treatment.
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Before & After LPG Endermolift

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