Get that Envi summer glow all year long

As we age, collagen production slows causing our skin to lose firmness. The result is fine lines and wrinkles, no matter how careful we are with moisturizers and staying out the sun.

“As a woman who is 59 years young, I know what I expect from an aesthetics treatment,” says new Oceanside business owner Sandy Hogarth.

  • First, it has to work! I’m not interested in magical cures.
  • Second, it has to be safe. I want something proven that doesn’t involve chemicals.
  • Third, I’m a bit impatient – I want results.

“I was excited to learn about Radio Frequency (RF) as a treatment for fine lines. I’ve now experienced Cynosure’s TempsureTM Envi for myself, I can confirm it’s working for me. It’s tightened my skin, and the wrinkles around my eyes are far less obvious.

tempsure envi for glowing skin in vancouver

How does it work?

“RF safely delivers heat directly into the skin’s dermis layer. It is this  heat that boosts the body’s natural response to create new collagen. It’s not painful, and there are no needles! 

“RF is safe for any skin type or tan, so it fitted perfectly into my summer beauty routine! And it was quick enough to get finished over lunchtime.

What does it feel like?

“How do I describe it? It tingles.

“The treatment causes about the same discomfort as a hot stone massage? It took around 30 minutes for my whole face, and the most time was around my eyes where the skin is thin and I have the most lines.

“Afterwards I had a bit of redness. Janice – my aesthetician – says that’s caused by the skin’s elevated temperature during treatment. It cooled down pretty fast afterwards.

“I went straight back to my office, put on my makeup and worked on my emails! An hour later I face-timed my kids and they said they couldn’t see any puffiness or redness.

How I prepared

“I had to remove all my eye makeup and wash my face. Any lotions left on the skin will reduce the efficiency, and open lesions or pimples are a problem. In the week prior, you shouldn’t have Botox, fillers or Retin-A, or products containing glycolic or salicylic acid.

“Janice advised me to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol where possible. But then she advises that every day!

“She also suggested I use a sun block SPF30+ in the weeks’ ahead, to prevent future sun damage.

How I felt afterwards

“It was certainly relaxing – I felt full of energy for the rest of the day. I find that setting aside some “me-time” refreshes me. My wrinkles were visibly reduced right afterwards.

“After a week or so, some lines returned. I had two additional treatments, and each time the smoothing lasted longer. The results were boosted each time.

“About a month later, I decided the improvement looked permanent. Although I still plan some boosts as the weather gets colder and dryer.”