SinchLoss Body Sculpting

Get the lookyou’ve alwayswanted.

SinchLoss treatments use gentle electrical muscle stimulation. Non-invasive body sculpting of buttocks, thighs, upper torso and arms to tone, tighten and firm.

SinchLoss not only improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, it is shown to reduce both cellulite and fat.

A 2-4 inch targeted loss can occur during an initial session and you could lose a full clothing size in 10 sessions!

Treatment lasts around 30 minutes and has no downtime.

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How SinchLoss Works

SinchLoss body sculpting incorporates cutting-edge technology to sculpt your body and eliminate fat. It uses electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles in the area of the body that you are targeting.

These contractions are known as “super maximal contractions”. It is similar to the way we normally contract our muscles, but to a much stronger extent than we are capable of doing. For instance, it induces 20,000 muscle contractions that we are not capable of achieving through voluntary contractions.

Due to these contractions, our muscle tissue is forced to adapt to the intense conditions. It does this by resculpting its inner structure that leads to muscle building and fat reduction.

It is recommended to use this procedure in addition to a weight loss program, not as a stand-alone weight loss method. It is good for individuals who are already in good shape and exercise regularly, and would like to have some extra body sculpting.

Benefits of SinchLoss

Overall, SinchLoss burns fat and builds muscle to sculpt your body. It also helps with other issues, like circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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Reduces Fat
Burns fat and gets rid of cellulite in tricky areas such as the abdomen and buttocks
Builds Muscle
Builds and strengthens muscle tissue
Sculpts Your Body
Tones, tightens, and firms your body to your desired shape
Improves Circulation
Helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage

Personalizedbody sculptingfor your specific goals.

Concerns Treated by SinchLoss

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SinchLoss body sculpting will produce great results for anyone who:

Is on a diet seeking toning and firming while losing weight
Lives with physical limitations due to injury, disability, age-related, etc
Has recently given birth, undergone a c-section or hysterectomy
Is fit but has problem areas that exercise doesn’t seem to change

It’s important to remember that SinchLoss should not be used as your only weight loss method, but rather combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Procedure details

You will start by identifying which areas of the body you wish to target. Next, lie down for 30 minutes and the machine will be placed on the area that you are targeting.
Each session usually lasts around 30 minutes. If you are treating multiple body parts, it will require multiple 30-minute sessions.
Throughout the treatment, you will feel your muscles contracting as if you were doing a workout.
It is possible to experience minor soreness or fatigue after the procedure, but this will go away quickly.
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Before & After SinchLoss TREATMENT

SinchLoss FAQ


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